Our Past Records

Our passion and expertise lies in finding awesome companies to recommend to our members, and we’ve had A LOT of success. We’ve found dozens of companies that have doubled, tripled or more, and we’re finding new winners every day. With us you almost don’t stand a chance to lose your money in stock market over a long period of time. Our dream is to make all retail investors of India highly profitable and financial worry free.
End of the day life is too short to keep thinking about money all the time. Let us do that for you in a price that will never hurt you.
In past we have picked great stocks like:

1201% Gain

Bought at Rs 196 on 22.6.2012
sold at Rs 2550 on 28.05.2015.

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987% Gain

Bought at Rs 46 on 5.5.2009
sold at Rs 500 on 22.12.2014.

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869% Gain

Bought at Rs 32 on 4.10.2013
sold at Rs 310 on 18.11.2015.

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351% Gain

Bought at Rs 410 on 28.12.2011
sold at Rs 1850 on 12.06.2014.

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254% Gain

Bought at Rs 43.8 on 5.11.2014
Holding at Rs 115 on present.

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375% Gain

Bought at Rs 320 on 20.1.2015
Holding at Rs 1518 on present.

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Our Services

As we promised we will do everything to make you Richer, we have a host of offerings for you to achieve so. Our offering varies from complete guidance to stock picking to educating yourself to become a registered stock picker.

Make me Rich

Rs.5,000PER YEAR
Rs.5,000PER YEAR
  • We will customize stock picks according to your risk profile
  • We Take complete responsibility of your Portfolio returns.
  • You just need to do what we suggest.

Show me the Way

Rs.7,000PER YEAR
Rs.7,000PER YEAR
  • This will handhold you through the processes of becoming professional stock picker.
  • From basic theories to, practical stock picking
  • And passing NISM exam, all the way.

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Client Testimonials

What our client says

  • After subscribing to Ride2Rich I am first time highly profitable in market and have ample time to concentrate on my professional growth. I have given them all the responsibility of my investments. Just Loving it.
    Dr. Soumendu Bhattacharya
  • I have been in stock market for long. Ride2Rich has changed the way I used to look at stock market. Subscription to Ride2Rich not only helped to make profits, but also helped me to understand how stock market works as a whole. I am a changed investor now.
    Rajesh Sharma
    Business Owner
  • if you want see, how money works for you. Subscribe to ride2rich
    Vinay Ohara
    R&D design Engineer III, Broadcom technology Pvt Ltd