Show me the Way Plan

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Show Me The Way Plan in short:

We believe picking stocks for great returns is both a art and a science. Stock picking skills is something which cannot be learn in a one day workshop and can only be learnt through continued mentoring and coaching. So, our plan is designed to be with you and to handhold you in stock market jungle. From basic theories to practical stock picking we stay aside you for 8 long months to make you a great stock picker yourself. We deliver our proprietary material for all the basics that you need to know and stay in touch with you through secret Facebook group for stimulating discussions and to clear all your doubts that makes you as good as a professional stock picker.

[/text_output][text_output]The plan:

This is a complete tutorial to make you a professional stock picker.

All you need to become an investment success:

Here we will systematically take you through the whole learning journey to make you an investing success. We will start form basic elementary concepts to advanced ideas to practical stock picking sessions and finally to get the required NISM certificate for you, to become a professional in the field of investment.

The whole process would take around 6 months time.

All doubts cleared, all questions answered:

We will always be in touch with you through this period to answer all your quarries and doubts.


As a member you will also be allowed access to our coveted LEARN2RICH FORUM where we answer all quarries of all our students in one place, to make it a potent reservoir of knowledge.

NISM exam help:

We will help you to pass the NISM research analyst exam with all study material and test series and application guidance if you intend to do so. All included in the cost.

The course outline:

Months Subject Stages of your evolution 
1 1.Introduction to Securities Market Getting the basics of stock Market Right
2.Introduction to Securities Research
2 3.Economic and Industry Analysis Learning Fundamental Research
4.Company | Business Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Dimensions
3 5. Fundamental Analysis: Understanding financial ratios and its applications
6.Basics of P&L account, Balance Sheet and Cash flows
4 7.Management quality analysis processes Learning to evaluate stocks Merit
9.Stock valuation principles and ways to judge undervalued, overvalued stocks
5 10. Where and How to find stock Ideas Getting armed for practical stock picking
11.Scuttlebutt approach for stock selection
12.Time tested stock selection | screening approaches
( Buffet, Graham, Fisher, Greenblatt and few famous Indian stock pickers stock selection approaches)
6 13.Developing own stock screening methods: Learning to pick your own high conviction stocks
14.Master investing psychology
7 15.Practical stock picking exercise and competition Becoming a prefessional
8 16.NISM test series ( 5 simulation tests)
17.NISM application guidance ( Only know how, no foot on street help)


Course Fee: Introductory Offer of INR 8999 ( * Valid only till 1st July 2017)

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