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We are more concerned about making retail investors profitable and we know if we can do that money will chase us and not the other way round. So, we have started writing a free blog from Jan 2016 onwards that aims to impart investing knowledge along with free stock picks and portfolio suggestions.

We are sure; you will understand that we save our best ones for the paid members. Sometimes, paid recommendations come to free portfolio after some gains.

We maintain two portfolios for free in public through our blogs following are the returns of the free portfolios.

In this free portfolio we also provide regular updates, portfolio construction and averaging and selling recommendations through our blog.

If you are really reluctant to pay us our peanuts too, this free portfolio is for you to have taste of our service for free.

Stable Portfolio

Stocks Reco Date Reco Price Strategy CMP Dividend P/L %
Selan Exploration 14/1/2016 168 Contrarian bet 187 5 14.3
Pokarna Ltd. 18/1/2016 697 Betting on growth 857 23.0
Good Luck Steel 21/1/2016 87.7 Margin expansion bet 96.35 0.75 11.0
Steel Strip Wheels 23/1/2016 316 Margin expansion bet 370.15 17.1
Raunak EPC Ltd 25/1/2016 95 EPC sector bet 150 57.9
Shivalik Rasayan 28/1/2016 84.8 Statistical bargain 91 7.3
Inox Wind 01/03/2016 220 Renewable energy bet 254.7 15.8
Indo Borax 09/03/2016 290 Betting on growth 340 17.2

As of date, the average return from stable portfolio stands at 20.5% and the oldest stock in our portfolio is just 3 months old.

Aggressive Portfolio

Stocks Reco Date Reco Price Strategy CMP Dividend P/L %
Indian Acrylics 03/02/2016 11.23 Cigar But 12.15 8.2
Choksi Imaging 11/03/2016 35 Transformation 37 5.7
Keerthi Industries 15/3/2016 136 Re rating bet 203 49.3
Cosyn 30/3/2016 42 Future bet 42 0

As of date, the average return from aggressive portfolio stands at 15.8% and the oldest stock in our portfolio is just 2 months old.

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