A Few Money Lessons You have not Learnt in Your School Life

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A Few Money Lessons You have not Learnt in Your School Life

November 30,2017 admin 0 Comment

Points to note over here and Possible Scenarios:

Money has been the lifeline of people from time immemorial. From where do you get to the concept of “money”? Obviously, it is from neighbors, parents, relatives, school and friends. People, these days, have become so busy in incurring money that they indulge in unproductive financial activities. You will find millions of such stories over the internet.

You have to understand that enjoying maximum advantage of finance is not a one-time activity. It is rather a never-ending process. Making the most of your monetary resources is much like staying fit and young. What will you do to be young and fit forever? You will certainly inculcate healthy habit in your daily lifestyle. Similarly, money lessons means changing financial lifestyle which is an ever-lasting process.

Tips to Avoid Foolish Financial Mistakes

  • Planning

Planning is always the first step towards any work. Best plans come out when you are calm. So, we advise you to spend some quality time to think of financial goals. Wealth creation first requires listing down of goals and the required timeline.

  • Reviewing the budget

What matters is how much you can save and not how much you earn. Therefore, you should check your budget thoroughly to know the spending pattern. No comparing of your budget with anyone else. Ensure a steady income and cut down all trivial expenses.

  • Restrict paying plastic money

Can’t resist the glamour of fashionable outfit or gratification of latest gizmo? Paying through credit card is the easiest way to consume the fancy stuff today and pay tomorrow. In all these, you forget its high interest rates and unforeseen situations. So, be very careful while you swipe your card.

  • An early start is good

Investing in some financial instrument should be started at an early stage. Your saving can start from college days when you can save your pocket money and invest it in a savings account. Over time, this will help you acquire wealth.

  • Ask questions to yourself

Are you leading your life within your means? Are your saving? Are you giving priority to expenses? If the answer to all these questions is YES, then you are on the right track.

  • Time is very crucial

“Time is non-refundable, so use it with intention” – every one of us should focus on this priceless advice. Invest money in some constructive purpose so that you can create wealth for future. Part-time jobs are also a good opportunity to earn some extra buck.

  • Devote to yourself

‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop’. You can upgrade your efficiency by joining some certification program or hobby class. This will make you a better person in future.

  • Make small ventures initially

Creating wealth is not a ‘one day task’. You should start with small steps to meet the ultimate goal. It is easy to keep a check on your expenditure for some weeks but to keep this check for a healthy financial lifestyle needs conscious effort.

  • Contingency planning

You should be prepared for the worst and preserve for unfortunate situations. Make a contingency plan that can suffice your expenses for 5 to 6 months at time of any unpleasant situation.

Thus, to conclude, always be careful with your expenditures and invest in things that can generate high returns.


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