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A multibagger plan to get megabaggers of tomorrow

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Make me Rich


Make Me Rich is a multibagger stock advisory service for retail investors to be profitable in market. All stocks are meticulously researched for maximum margin of safety and high upside potential with some short term triggers to provide multibagger returns. Our detailed research and management contacts ensures very low probability of capital loss and high probability of maximum gain. Our depth of research, value pricing, outstanding track records of return and happy customers make us different from all others.


For whom is the plan suited?

Long term investors looking for multibagger ideas with a minimum capital of Rs. 150,000

What to expect after subscribing?

Member login to access past recommendations and current buylist

Regular result updates and concall updates

Personal hand holding through mails and phone

Periodic portfolio review

Part of the exclusive telegram channel for real time updates

What are the features of the Plan?

8-10 recommendations are shared with a detailed research report

The holding period of the stocks are at least a year

We target multibagger returns, expecting the stocks to double or grow beyond

What is the investment philosophy?

Stocks with high safety margin

Management given high importance. Calls given after meeting with the management. We try for factory visits too

Our Past Performance 170% Annualized Return
COSYN 500% Returns in 9 months
SHIVALIK RASAYAN 300% Returns in 7 months
SSWL 250% Returns in 7 months
RAJRATAN GLOBAL 200% Returns in 7 months
Sterling Tools 200% Returns in 7 months
LT Foods 125% Returns in 13 months
Motilal Oswal 121% Returns in 8 months
* Portfolio return calculated annually

Our 7 point Specialty

Only stock with high margin of safety

No calls given without all possible screening and meting the management in many cases factory visit too

Regular updates and management interviews

Personal hand holding and help through facebook and phone calls

Periodic portfolio reviews and guidance

Calls on exclusive telegram channel also (beside sms and email) for real time update

Members log in facility and unique stock with list(List of stocks to buy if price comes to a certain range)

Make Me Rich Plan

Only Rs. 7999 per year

A simple plan to make you Rich. Quickly

Why Choose us?

SEBI registered

Unlike many, we are SEBI registered Research Analysts. Registration No. INH300003173

Fastest Growing In India

With our great track record and most affordable pricing We are the Fastest growing Equity Advisory in India

Complete Portfolio Guidance

Once you join, we will not only give you winning picks, but would also handhold completely in building your portfolio
for high returns

Best In Class Track Record

Experienced Research team

A collective market experience of more than 50 years backed by strong academic and professional exposure in global investment banking firms and equity research brokers.

Stringent research process

A diligent research process to unearth gems based on in house developed algorithms, management concalls and in many cases a physical check in the premises of the company.

Loaded with value

Focus on serving the retail investors of the country with the objective of making quality research available at an affordable pricing.

Delivery Mechanism


We will give you real time call (Buy, sell, part sell, average) through sms, telegram and email. All calls will be sent in market hours.

A reminder will be sent at least 24 hours before the announcement of the recommendation so that one may accordingly be prepared

All portfolio suggestions and research reports will be updated in the member’s area for you to act.

You will be provided with log in ID and password once you subscribe to the service.

Through that you can log in to the members area to get all research reports, updates, averaging list


Buy XYZ Company in BSE in between 85-90 rs.

Portfolio allocation 8%. Buy 50% at cmp 87.

Keep buying down in small installments till 78.


Sell 50% of your holding in XYZ Company in BSE in 580 Rs.

The stock is in UC.

Put limit order at UC price

What our customer are saying

if you want see, how money works for you. Subscribe to ride2rich

Vinay Ohara,R&D design Engineer III, Broadcom technology Pvt Ltd

I have been in stock market for long. Ride2Rich has changed the way I used to look at stock market. Subscription to Ride2Rich not only helped to make profits, but also helped me to understand how stock market works as a whole. I am a changed investor now.

Rajesh Sharma,Business Owner

After subscribing to Ride2Rich I am first time highly profitable in market and have ample time to concentrate on my professional growth. I have given them all the responsibility of my investments. Just Loving it.

Dr. Soumendu Bhattacharya,Dentist

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