Make Me Rich, updated performance report and salient features

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We started our flagship service Make Me Rich Plan  with the big dream of making all retail investor high profitable.

We are really happy to let you all know we are taking small baby steps towards realizing the big dream. We know this is just a start but the good thing is probably we are on the right direction.

Here is a snapshot of our plan and its performance and we are happy that it made significant improvement from last update.

Make Me Rich Plan Performance as of Today

Stock Reco Price P/L (%) Approx Time
******** 160 13 4.5 months
********** 100 40 3.5 months
********* 349 38 2.5 months
********* 403 -0.75 2.5 months
Sterling Tools 508 72 3 month
********** 755 44.6 2 months
************************ 1187




1.5 months2 days

17 days

* All numbers as per closing of 16.10.2016

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Key take outs:

  1. Average 32.77% return in a average holding period of 2.5 months
  2. Almost 157% annualized return
  3. Barring one stock all are up from buying price
  4. 5 among 8 stock recommended are above 20% profit levels and 4 above 30% and 3 above 40%

Key features of Make Me Rich Plan:

  1. Only stocks with high margin of safety
  2. No calls given without all possible screening and meeting the management, in many cases factory visit too
  3. Regular updates and management interviews
  4. Detailed result or any important news analysis
  5. Personal hand holding and help through facebook and phone calls
  6. Periodic portfolio review and guidance
  7. Calls only in off market hours, so no rush to buy
  8. Members log in facility and  unique stock wish list ( List of stocks to buy if price comes to a certain range)

Click Here To Know More About Make Me Rich Plan

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  1. Hi
    Please let me know ..wht return I will expect if I subscribe Rs 5000 plan.

    How many stocks u provide?


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