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Understanding Multibaggers and decoding the patterns associated with it

May 06,2019 admin 0 Comment
Understanding Multibaggers “Multibagger” the sheer name thrills investors. No wonder it has become the most used or abused word in the stock parlance today. Multi-bagger, as the name suggests, is used for stocks which may create multiple bags (multiply money) over the next.....Read More

10 Investment Gems from Peter Lynch That You Should Follow

January 17,2018 admin 0 Comment
Whether you want to buy new stocks or to put up your existing stocks for sale, it is really the easiest task. All you need is a reliable online stock mediator who will offer you simple instructions and will educate you on the.....Read More

Checklist before Purchasing a Potential Multibagger

December 28,2017 admin 0 Comment
Here’s a look at the top 5 important questions that any enthusiast must ask before investing in their money for stock purchase. Investment, for most individuals, is about spotting the best stocks to purchase. Actually, the main concern is to determine how to.....Read More

A Few Money Lessons You have not Learnt in Your School Life

November 30,2017 admin 0 Comment
Money has been the lifeline of people from time immemorial. From where do you get to the concept of “money”? Obviously, it is from neighbors, parents, relatives, school and friends. People, these days, have become so busy in incurring money that they indulge.....Read More

A Step-By-Step Method of Finding the Best Multibagger Stocks

November 20,2017 admin 0 Comment
  There is an illustrious list of investors who have gained fortunes from multi-bagger stocks making these stocks one of the most sought-after investment options. However, it is important to understand what a multibagger is and the basics of investing in these stocks......Read More

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