Stock Selection Process

We buy great business at great prices.

We don’t care if it small or large cap stock, we look for stocks with big growth triggers in short to medium term and invest in those whenever they trade cheap

We think illiquidity and volatility is our friends we make use of both to maximize gains for you

Quality of business and quality of promoters is most important for us. We are ready to lose a opportunity but not to invest our hard earned money on low quality businesses and promoters

Safety of the capital is of paramount importance for us. We will never suggest you to buy a growth stock.

Depending on market conditions we may give 8-20 calls a year. We will manage your portfolio too hence you won’t have to think about money management

We may not suggest in stock in a month or two, we may also suggest 4 stocks a month. As opportunities don’t come in a predefined disciplined way we don’t have a choice.

We are least bothered about the direction of board market. As we will invest in secular growth companies our stocks will grow irrespective of market direction. A good market will only speed up the upmove.

We will go after companies and not sectors. Any opportunity that comes to our way from any given sector may be recommended

We will pick stocks that have the potential to give atleast 30-50% return in a year if not more. The size of the opportunity is one thing that we never compromise on. Any return possibility below 30-50% in a year won’t make it to recommendations

We will ensure we have enough margin of safety build into our recommended price so that we reduce our risk as much as possible

All our stock goes through a rigorous process of checks before getting recommended. This reduces failures substantially.


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