What is Ride2rich?

Ride2richis an independent equity research firm dedicated to make all retail investors of India profitable. At Ride2rich we are passionate about sharing our philosophy of value investing, and enabling every individual to become successful investor. Our research is completely objective and Ride2richis not affiliated with any fund house, nor do we accept research fees from the companies that we cover.

How are we different from other equity research houses, trading calls service providers and brokerage houses?

Did you ever realize when your broker/trading calls service provider asked you to trade intraday and guaranteed that you can manage a daily return of 0.5-1% or let’s say 10% per month by trading in equities for 15-20 days, then why did he himself not trade? Did you realize that if he’s so sure about 10-15% monthly return, why did he himself not get a loan of 5 Lakhs from the bank at 1% monthly interest and traded with the same for 9-14% effective return and thus pocketed 45,000-70,000 each month?

Did you ever ask yourself that why do 98% of the intraday, short term, momentum seeking, and F&O traders lose and why does the world’s third richest person advises you against trading?

You probably know what we mean.

At Ride2rich we believe in the philosophy of “buying great stocks at great prices”. We cover only those stocks where we would personally like to invest our money in.

So to sum up, our difference comes in our honest intensions along with smart research and forecasting.

Does Ride2richhave brokerage facilities? Do you recommend any brokerages?

No, we are not a brokerage house. We are an independent equity research firm. You are encouraged to choose a broker you are comfortable with.

What kind of services we offer?

We offer independent equity research service along with teaching service Please refer to our our service ( link) area for all details.

For whom all are the services suitable?

If you look at ownership of stocks as part ownership of businesses.

If you are patient and serious about sustainable and long term wealth creation.

If you understand the fact that stock prices are the slave of earnings and sooner than later they start reflecting the same.

If you are finding a way to be constantly profitable in the market

For whom all are the services not suitable?

If you suffer from Activity syndrome and need constant activity (buying/selling) in the market.

If you consider 1 year as a very long period for investment.

If you consider stock investing as gambling.

If you want entertainment and time pass from stock market rather than wealth creation.

If you believe, you can make money on intraday and weekly basis consistently by trading in equities.

What are the various payment options?

We offer the following payment options:

Cash/Cheque/DD deposit in our Bank account

Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking using Payumoney secured online Payment Gateway


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