Guest Post; How a 24 years guy make a killing in stock market !

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Guest Post; How a 24 years guy make a killing in stock market !

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We are blushing while writing it, but we absolutely love this.

This is the biggest reward one can get for all the hard work, stress, number crunching and uncertainly that we deal with everyday in the world of stocks. Brick bats are there, however these flower bouquets somewhere ensures we are on the right path. The following piece is written by one of our happy subscribers…!

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This piece is written by Saket Hawelia.

Saket can be reached in Twitter handle @sakethawelia, In Facebook at or at 09163929505

Guest post:

As a 20 something young man, looking to make “smart” money, I wanted to try my “luck” at Share Markets. Having already burnt my hands once, following random blogs which did not cost an upfront fee – I decided to go for a paid service as my mother had always warned that “If someone is doing something for free – either he has a hidden intention that would come as a cost later on or that the service is not professional.”

This is when I decided to pay a nominal fee and subscribe myself to Make Me Rich Plan and then on life in stock market has taken a u turn.

3 months on – the following are my observations on Ride2Rich and if anyone thinks I am advertising for them, yes I am doing it for free.

Helping Clear the Mess

I had made a complete mess of my portfolio. Following blind recommendations and gut feel, I invested in stocks that turned out to be wealth destroyers. What is even worse is the fact that I was still clinging to them hoping my tides would turn someday – this was even worse as my opportunity cost was increasing with every passing day having my capital blocked. The result – I missed out on the first half of this calendar year.Ride2Rich helped me identify the winners as well as losers in my portfolio. My portfolio was restructured. I immediately sold off the losers and thanks to new recommendations about 50% of the losses have already been recovered.

Return on Investment – Investment of Rs. 5,000 as subscription fee

One of the biggest concerns that I had initially to begin with was the recovery of Rs. 5,000. Here I was, giving my hard earned money to someone who I had not even heard of before, having no reference point at all.  But then, like in share markets, in our lives as well, sometimes we have to follow our “gut feel”. Having recovered my subscription fee in the very first trade itself, I decided to explore the learnings as well. I decided to reinvest the money in Show Me The Way so that I could empower myself to take informed decisions myself in future. Hence, the ROI of my first Rs. 5,000 cannot be monetized at all – for it has been put into an annuity fund – generating learnings every month that would be with me for the rest of my life.

Understanding the Process, Rather than being a Blind Follower

It is often said, “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”. One of the biggest reasons that have satisfied me as a subscriber to both the plans of Ride2Rich is that while in the latter a complete equity research report is shared explaining not only the investment rationale but also the investment concerns, in the latter, I am forced to put my thinking cap on. Crudely said, you are not spoon fed. The focus is to become an independent and smart investor to understand the entire mechanism of stock picking. The regular update about the performance of the company makes me feel like an investor and not a speculator.

Easily Approachable

I always had this misconception that a SEBI Registered Analyst would not be there for a full time hand holding. However, I have been proved wrong without words. The team is available almost 24*7 over both social media as well as over the phone. This is of a tremendous help, especially during the times of crisis. For example, being a novice, the recent blood bath in the market had shaken my confidence and I wanted to absolutely quit the market. I express my concern and my apprehensions were immediately put to rest. Very humbly the team responded to my irrational behavior and was given the confidence to egg on.

At Last But Not the Least Fantastic Performance

It is interesting to note here that I have put this point absolutely at last. This is because; I have now become a firm believer that success is not a destination but a journey. The last few months of the journey with Ride2Rich has been phenomenal with great learnings about the share markets in general, stocks in specific, and moreover a great development of my individual self. However, it does make sense to look back and take a stock of things. So here it is: in the last 3 months, my portfolio has recovered 50% of my earlier losses, the Make Me Rich paid recommendations giving more than 30% returns – some on the verge of doubling – all in the last 3 months. And mind you, all this, even after the recent market carnage.

Dear Team, Thank you for your fantastic performance. It is a pleasure being a part of the subscriber base. Hoping for an even better time ahead.

Best Wishes To them and one suggestion to people like me, if you dont know how to pic gems, pick one who knows it well!

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Ride2Rich is fastest growing, SEBI registered Stock Advisory Service in India. 

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